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January 14, 2019 Kitchen Ideas

How to Refinishing Oak Kitchen Cabinets to Look Modern

Refinishing oak kitchen cabinets – First to refinishing oak kitchen cabinets wring the sponge and clean the cabinets to remove grease and dirt buildup. Rinse well and wait for the cabinets to air dry. Loosen the hinges and unscrewing the front of the drawers of the frames. Review the wood with sandpaper 150 grit rubbing evenly over the surface, the frames of the cabinets and the front of the drawers. Applies an oil-based primer with a nylon brush 3 inches (7.6 cm) on cabinet doors, frames and the front of the drawers. Wait for it to dry for two hours. Apply a coat of oil paint on primed cabinet doors, frames and the front of the drawers. Wait for it to dry for 24 hours and apply another coat, waiting for it to dry for the same amount of time.

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Paste a template in each cabinet door or drawer front with masking tape. Sprinkle the design onto the wood with spray paint oil based. Remove the template and wait for the refinishing oak kitchen cabinets paint to dry for 12 hours.

Apply an even coat of polyurethane on cabinet doors and drawer front with a brush, if you want to protect the last hand or to give the wood a glossier finish. Refinishing oak kitchen cabinets were finished.

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