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January 23, 2019 Kitchen Decor

Install Commercial Kitchen Ceiling Tiles

Commercial kitchen ceiling tiles – Thermoplastic roofing shingles, also known as faux tin tiles, giving homeowners the look of classic tin ceiling without the high cost of tin ceiling panels. Prepare the ceiling tile installation. Take away all the textured ceiling by scraping it off with a floor scraper. Paint the ceiling with a coat of primer paint with a long roller to create a smooth surface for the tiles.

Plan the placement of the commercial kitchen ceiling tiles before installation. Plan roof design from the middle of the roof outward. Measure each wall and place a mark in the center of the center of each. Install edge J-trim around the limit of the ceiling. Install the tiles according to your design starting at the middle of the room and use the right angles created by chalk lines as a guide for the first four plates.

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Install the border tiles. Measure the distance between the last row of tiles and the roof edge. Cut border tiles with tin snips to fit. Apply the glue directly on the back of the tiles, and then slide the cut edge of the plate in the curve of the J-panelist. Wait an hour after Tiling and upward pressure on all the commercial kitchen ceiling tiles to ensure that they are all stuck in the tile adhesive.

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