Metal Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs

Comfortable Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs

June 22, 2018 Loft Bed Stairs

More Safety Use Loft Bed With Stairs

Loft Bed With Stairs – Loft beds were traditionally designed for large families living in relatively small conditions and so were purely there to serve a practical purpose. In today’s world which is becoming increasingly more consumerist even the humble loft bed has become the target of companies looking to spice them up a little, make them more attractive to richer families and hence bring in a tidy profit.

One of the latest products created by many of these types of furniture manufacturers comes in the form of a loft bed with stairs. Most traditional versions of this classic Victorian style bed had a ladder from the bottom bed going up to the top one, some didn’t even have this and the occupants had to physically hoist themselves up. This type of model is clearly more expensive than regular loft beds and there are a number of reasons that parents buy them.

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To start with some parents consider them safer than regular loft beds, since they literally have a set of stairs going from the floor right up to them they’re supposedly safer. I personally believe to the contrary and I actually think that seeing as it’s harder to hold onto the top bed when you climb up you have a greater chance of falling. With a ladder you’ve got your arms and legs keeping you steady whereas with stairs you don’t. A loft bed with stairs also has a certain aesthetic appeal and many parents see it as a richer version of a regular design.

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