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January 18, 2019 Kitchen Cabinet

Paint Kitchen Cabinets White

Paint kitchen cabinets white – First, cover all surfaces and floor surfaces. Remove all contents from kitchen cabinets to be painted. Place the cabinet doors on a flat surface, providing space to work. This Old House magazine recommends using a covered bench. Clean all surfaces of the cabinets by means of a gentle kitchen all purpose cleaner and a sponge. Apply a towel or drying cloth cabinets, ensuring that no moisture left.

Use fine sandpaper gently for all paint kitchen cabinets white surfaces. When the cabinets can have a great rest in addition to the old paint, the cabinets must be sanded until they are no longer smooth to the touch. Then, apply white paint primer to all locker areas to be painted with a brush or paint roller. Use a primer that is designed for use with the type of paint you selected.

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Let the primer dry completely. Follow the primer manufacturer’s instructions for drying time. Apply a coat of white paint to all cabinet surfaces; you have already painted with primer. Let the paint sufficient time to dry: Follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for drying time. Apply a second layer of white paint on top of the primer and the first coat of paint. Allow the paint to dry completely: Follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for drying time. Re-attach the dry paint kitchen cabinets white with the screwdriver.

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